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The krav maga instructor for Newport is Jason Burnett. Jason is a Graduate Instructor with the BKMA passing the 18 day Instructor Selection process.


Your Krav Maga Instructor

Highlighted details

Class/Location – Newport and Cardiff

Service offered – Classes, Seminars – Personal Training

Training Nights – Varied depending on location

BKMA Certifications – Graduate Instructor

Contact number 07950175842


Instructor Bio


The martial arts have been my passion since my early years studying traditional Karate and getting a buzz from the competitive fighting aspect.  Developing a career and studying martial arts is not always easy, however I have managed to find the time to train is systems as diverse as Kendo, Iaido, Wing Chun and Taekwondo.

In addition I have instructor qualifications in Sports Sword and am currently continuing my development as an Eskrima coach within the Dacayana style.

My involvement with Krav Maga started after becoming involved in more hostile territories associated with my safety, security and risk management consultancy business.  What I found was that when the situation demanded an aggressive response my previous training just didn’t prepare for the reality of having defend myself, and a repertoire of blocks, locks and spinning kicks just got in the way of the real tools I needed for self-defence.    This led me to train and then ultimately became a BKMA instructor in 2012.  Krav Maga is a true “martial” art that I am confident can benefit everyone.

As a safety, security and risk management consultant I have worked all over the world and spent a considerable amount of my career training and teaching in a variety of subjects…  I am not one of these annoying naturals who learns things immediately, however I believe this is one of my greatest advantages as a teacher who can understand the point of view of the learner and can give far more support to those that find it difficult, because I have been there!


Training Philosophy

Krav Maga has the unique distinction of being one of the most combat tested martial art of the modern era.  The curriculum is based on developing a personal self-defence toolkit that actually works when you need it.  I love the traditional martial arts, but the reality is that more and more the core ethos of self-defence has been diluted by the sporting or commercial aspects of the “business”. 

The BKMA curriculum and teaching methods are further enhanced by research conducted into the reality of street crime and violent incidents, so that skills and drills are aimed at the sort of threat that you might actually face.  Pressure testing techniques is not only great fun, but essential if you want to be able to call upon these when you really need them, when you are scared, stressed, injured or exhausted.

I am a great believer that the most important muscle to train is your mind… Krav Maga builds on basic behaviours and instinctual reactions and programmes you to respond in the most natural and bio-mechanically efficient manner. 

One of the reasons that BKMA is the ideal organisation for me as a trainer / teacher with 15 years of experience is the emphasis on proper planning and safety in training.  A well planned and controlled session allows students to enjoy the intensity associated with Krav Maga without the pain or injury that comes from not engineering safety into the lesson plan.  I can’t guarantee that you won’t feel the burn the next few days after a session, however I can guarantee that every effort is made to ensure that you enjoy a lesson designed to progress you on your journey towards greater confidence, fitness and self-defence capability.