About Krav Maga

BKMA: Real Krav Maga. Real Instructors. Real Self Defence.

Page highlighting benefits of Krav Maga FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF A STUDENT – link benefits Krav Maga’s history as the worlds most battle tested combat system


Main points:

History –

Its proven and has an unparalleled history of development in the martial arts world

Krav Maga is the :

Only system in the world consistantly used by mil/law enforcement units since 1948.


Emphasise on simple practical techniques that work under pressure.  Why simplicity – the more simple and practical the training is – the more reliable it is and faster to it is to acquire a high level of proficiency


Safe progressive training thats gritty – realistic. Takes you out iof your comfort zone but wont injure you.


Intensity – functional fitness training – speed agility and quickness


Great inclusive community of like minded people commited to self improvement through tough training community